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dry flower scented candle
♡ Order & Workshop♡

A sweet gift for winter, scented candles are your first choice~ Create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at home. The dry flower decoration adds a sense of romance and the aroma is strong~  A variety of different scented essential oils are available, using imported soybean wax and imported essential oils from the United States, safe and secure to use, suitable for winter & Christmas.

〖 Course content〗
❀ Dry flower production process and precautions

❀ Scented candle casting skills
❀ Composition and color matching of works

Workshop (2 hours) 
Course content:
❀ Make 1  Pieces of Dry Flower Aromatherapy Candle Cup (with Bamboo Lid)
❀ Processing and selection of various immortal flower materials❀ Flower material fixing skills and color matching

Main aromatherapy scents:
Sage Sandalwood, Blackberry Bay Leaf, English Pear and Freesia, Jasmine and Calendula, Black Cedar and Juniper, Rose, Orange Blossom, Pear Blossom, and more…


Please read the pre-purchase notice carefully before ordering payment:

- The photos are taken of the actual product, but due to the hand-made and flower shape, we cannot guarantee that the products are 100% identical

- Because the flowers are all seasonal, if they are out of stock,
We will design and match appropriate flowers for you under the condition that the color system and the overall appearance remain unchanged.

- No refunds will be accepted after the order has been paid for

- If you have any problem with the product received, please contact us and we will handle it for you as soon as possible

|Dry Flower Aromatherapy Candle Cup Workshop|

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