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▴Each person can have one cup and one saucer, a total of one tea set.
The tea set is made of foreign-made reinforced light-weight glass cups.
It can be used for hot flower tea and writing works~

◎The production time is 2 hours ◎Includes a set of two cups and saucers glass tea set ◎Choose reinforced glass cups and saucers, which are lighter and not easy to break ◎Six-inch new crystal pattern saucer $50 (Picture 2)
◎Add-on gift box set 🎀 Pink gift box
(Including paper silk and decorations) additional ribbon + tote bag $50

〖 Course content〗
❀ Describe the production process and precautions of pressed flower ❀ Basic glue application (defoaming, mixing skills)
❀ Application and selection of various pressed flower species ❀ Composition and color matching of works

〖 course features〗
—Professional florist with 5 years of experience —Flower materials are locally processed and dried —The finished product can be washed, and hand-made gifts can be given as gifts for personal use
​​​​​​​ —Experienced in teaching team activities and designing exclusive plans for clients

|Pressed Flower Crystal Pattern Cup and Saucer Set Workshop|

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