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—100% Hong Kong original patented design first exclusive —
    Finished product is smooth and washable, beware of counterfeits

▴Each person can have a tempered glass teapot and two small teacups,
A total of one teapot set. Use foreign-made reinforced light-weight glass teapots and teacups,
Can be used for making flower tea and writing works~

◎The production time is 2 hours.
◎Add-on gift box set🎀Pink gift box
(Including paper silk and decorations) additional ribbon + tote bag $50

Classroom Features:
— 6 years of experience as a professional florist professor — local processing and drying of flowers — finished products can be washed, hand-made gifts can be given as gifts for personal use — rich experience in team activity teaching, designing exclusive plans for customers

|Elegant Teapot Set Workshop|

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