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—100% Hong Kong original patented design first exclusive —
    Finished product is smooth and washable, beware of counterfeits

◎The production time is 1.5 hours ◎The finished product will be picked up on the same day ◎Make a pair of Japanese sake cup set (2pcs)  )
◎Packed in a wooden box

〖 Course content〗
❀ Describe the production process and precautions of pressed flower ❀ Basic glue application (defoaming, mixing skills)
❀ Application and selection of various pressed flower species ❀ Composition and color matching of works

〖 course features〗
—Professional florist with 5 years of experience—Flowers are locally processed, processed and sun-dried—The finished product can be washed, and hand-made gifts can be given as gifts for personal use
​​​​​​​ —Experienced in teaching team activities and designing exclusive plans for clients

|Japanese sake cup set workshop|

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