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Immortal flowers are processed by dehydration, decolorization, drying, and dyeing. After special treatment, they can be stored for three to five years.


* All flowers are imported from Japan * 

Flowers include: immortal rose, French white plum, gypsophila


*Customized order* 

More flower color combinations, flower species or design changes

- About 5 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

— Accept customized orders, please let us know in the remarks column of the order.


* About the maintenance of dried flowers and immortal flowers* 

- Avoid the immortal flower getting wet

- Avoid direct sunlight

- It is recommended to put it in a cool place to preserve the bright colors of the flowers for a longer time.


* Purchase Notes*

— The photos are taken of the actual product. Due to the hand-made and flower shape, please understand that the product cannot be guaranteed to be 100% exactly the same


—  Because the flowers are all seasonal, if there is a shortage of stock, we will design and match the appropriate flowers for you according to the color system.


— The picture was taken in sunlight, the color of the flower material may have deviation/chromatic aberration under different lights, please pay attention before purchasing


— We will try our best to do every product well, if you have any questions after receiving the products, please contact us and we will deal with you as soon as possible


Origin/Hong Kong

Preserved Flower Dried Flower Korean Bouquet

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