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◎ Production time 1.5 hours ◎ Romantic immortal flower letter night light ◎ You need to wait for 1-3 days to dry before you can get back the work ◎ Additional gift box can be purchased  Additional Ribbon + Tote Bag $30

Customized romantic immortal flower letter night light alphanumeric light can be used as indoor decoration birthday gift Valentine's day gift mother's day gift

Spring romantic garden, bring a piece of petals to the front.
The designer of the eternal flower alphabet night light carefully selects each piece of flower material and combines it with Japanese resin craftsmanship.
A romantic floral night light design, an exclusive gift for your loved one.

Size: Letter about 4.5*4 CM
4 characters (small lamp holder) 15*4.5*3CM
5-6 characters (large lamp holder) 24*4.5*3.5CM

Material: Preserved flower, resin, wood lamp holder

How to use: USB line control

3 letters  $380
4 letters $420
5 letters $460
6 letters $500
▴Hearts are counted as a letter Example: LOVE + a heart = 5 characters

〖 Course content〗
❀ Describe the production process and precautions of pressed flower ❀ Basic glue application (defoaming, mixing skills)
❀ Application and selection of various pressed flower species ❀ Composition and color matching of works

〖 course features〗
—Professional florist professor with 6 years of experience —Flower materials are processed locally, processed and dried —The finished product can be washed, hand-made gifts can be given as gifts for personal use —Team activity teaching experience, design exclusive plans for customers

|Romantic Alphabet Night Light Workshop|

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