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🐱🐶🐰 Hair·Price Treasure Hair Kids Jewelry🐰🐶🐱

925 Sterling Silver Fur Kids Jewelry | Permanent Preservation of Pet Hair | Treasures and Memories of Little Fur Kids |

* 💗Creative inspiration and short stories💗 *
The pet series designed and created for the cat-loving cat is always with you like a little furry child.
【 Precious memories with the little furry child will always be preserved in the beauty of the sea of flowers🌸 】

Crystal-clear and transparent real flower jewelry provides pet hair preservation service. The pet's own hair, ashes, etc., together with real flowers and gold leaf, are preserved in sterling silver jewelry. Each piece is purely handcrafted, using unique techniques and multiple processes to polish and process by hand. Create a thorough texture and permanently seal precious and unique memories.

【 Remark】
Each piece of jewelry needs to provide pet hair for processing, or you can choose only the basic style (without hair).

【 size  】
Sterling silver bracelet with bead design that can be adjusted at will and fits different hand sizes.
Bead diameter: 2 / 2.5 cm
Necklace length: 50 cm

Sterling Silver Real Flower Jewelry | Pet Hair Souvenirs

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