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TRIPBOMBOM Flower & Resin Art 


Welcome to our pressed flower studio, we located in Hong Kong. Since 2014, our team has been dedicated to providing the most unique and stunning pressed floral designs in the city, using only the highest quality materials and the most professional techniques.

At our studio, we believe that every flower has a story to tell, and we're committed to helping our customers capture that story in a way that's both beautiful and meaningful. Whether you're looking for a bespoke floral arrangement for your home or office, or you're interested in learning the art of pressed flower design yourself, our team is here to provide you with the guidance, support, and expertise you need to bring your vision to life.

In addition to our exceptional pressed flower designs, we also offer a range of services to meet your needs, including event floral design for brand events, team building activities, and private workshops. Whatever your vision may be, we're here to help you make it a reality, with a level of professionalism and attention to detail that's second to none.

Thank you for considering our pressed flower studio for your floral needs. We look forward to working with you and helping you create something truly special.


歡迎來到我們位於香港的TRIPBOMBOM・遊藝花舍押花工作室。 自 2014 年以來,我們的團隊一直致力於使用優質的材料和最專業的技術提供最獨特、令人驚嘆押花設計。

我們相信每一朵花都有故事,致力於幫助客戶以既美麗又有意義的方式捕捉這個故事。 無論您是在為您的家或辦公室尋找定制的押花設計,還是有興趣自己學習押花設計藝術,我們的團隊都在為您提供所需的指導、支持和專業知識。

除了押花設計外,我們提供一系列服務,包括品牌活動、團隊建設活動和私人工作坊。 無論您的願景是什麼,我們都將以首屈一指的專業水平和對細節的關注幫助您將其變為現實。

感謝您考慮使用我們的押花工作室來滿足您的花卉需求。 我們期待與您合作,幫助您創造真正特別的東西。



Michelle Li is a pressed flower artist and the visionary behind our pressed flower studio. With years of experience and a passion for innovation, Michelle has created some of the most unique and stunning floral designs in Hong Kong and beyond. She has been persisting in creating innovative, unique flower artworks since 2014 also who is the first person to qualify as professional pressed flower worker of world wide pressed flower association in Hong Kong, the owner of a registered flower glass design.

Michelle 是一位押花藝術家及我們押花工作室背後的夢想家。2014年起從事押花藝術工作,成立品牌推廣押花藝術。憑藉多年的經驗和對創新的熱情,在香港及其他地區創造了一些最獨特、最令人驚嘆的花藝設計。原創多項別具特色及新穎的花卉藝術品,是香港首位及唯一考獲國際押花認證專業押花師,外觀註冊專利(玻璃押花設計)的設計者。



2015 - 2017







Established in 2014


<明報> 訪問
Media Interview - Ming Pao


<手創雜誌> 訪問
Media Interview - Craftland Bookazine Magazine 

<新假期> 押花工作坊介紹
Media Interview - Weekend Weekly

<東方日報> 訪問

Media Interview - Oriental Daily

香港電視台 TVB 節目報道
Media Interview - Television Broadcasts Limited 東網  節目報道
Media Interview - Oriental Daily

周大福 新品發佈會
Product Launch - Heart On Hire

押花玻璃設計品 香港獲得專利註冊

Registered flower glass design in Hong Kong

Hotel ICON x 微熱山丘 新品發佈會
Product Launch - Hotel ICON x SunnyHills

日本緣繫清酒祭 新品發佈會
Product Launch - c!ty'super Limited

梵高藝術體驗館 合作活動
VIP event - VanGogh SENSES 

<生活提案> 月刊介紹
Media Interview - Japan Home Magazine 

<明報> 訪問
Media Interview - Ming Pao

Media Interview - The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) 

考獲國際押花協會認證 香港首位獲得此認證押花師 
Certification of worldwide pressed flower guild ( the first person in Hong Kong)

Media Interview - RTHK

個人作品展 @ 香港中環PMQ元創方
First Solo Exhibition "BORN IN SUMMER" , PMQ Central Hong Kong

The 3rd place of Philadelphia Flower Show, USA

獲獎報道 Media Interview 

本地最年輕押花師 李旨蕊 Michelle為港爭光|勇奪押花界奧斯卡亞軍 |立志團結本土手藝人本地最年輕押花師-李旨蕊-michelle為港爭光|勇奪押花界/


本港押花師奪國際押花賽事亞軍 創立協會團結手藝人|  on.cc東網 |

韓國國際押花藝術賽 亞軍
作品《 雨中繡球  被韓國押花博物館收藏

The 2nd place of Korea International Flower competition 2022, South Korea 
Artwork "RAIN HYDRANGEA" collected by Korea Pressed Flower Museum.

The 2nd place of Philadelphia Flower Show 2022, USA

賽 特選作品《 櫻  被韓國押花博物館收藏
The Special Selection of Korea International Flower competition 2023, South Korea Artwork "CHERRY BLOSSOM IN THE SKY" collected by Korea Pressed Flower Museum.

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